Christmas Island Community

Phosphate Resources has an active policy of providing financial and technical assistance to the community, charity and religious groups. Our program is formalised by a committee with a set criteria, policy and application process for the allocating of all funding which is available from the Christmas Island office.

Some notable PRL sponsorships in the past year include:


PRL donated to the Volunteer Marine Rescue cadetship $30,000 for its inaugural year. The cadets will be trained in sea safety, boat safety / sailing, first aid and rescue techniques. This sponsorship filled a large void in available activities for that age group.

PRL additionally donated one of its operational vehicles for the new rescue boat. 



With a commitment of nearly $70,000 over 5 years consisting of 4 year 12 achievement awards and a major award of $10,000, PRL has demonstrated its focus on the future of the Island in providing incentive and encouragement to the students to achieve greater academic results. As there was no Year 12 TEE DUX this year, PRL has provided the money already allocated for the provision of new computers for all of next year's Year 12 students .


Christmas Island Tourism Association

Along with the donations of 80 "Spirit of Christmas Island" 50th anniversary books and in other kind sponsorship during the year, PRL Chairman Clive Brown presented a cheque of $7500 to CITA to assist with the reprint of the CI historical books. PRL is a strong supporter of the Island history being preserved and will continue to support the many programs we are already involved in.

Some other association and proud sponsorship by PRL include:

  • Islamic Councils School - $18,500.
  • CI Golf Club - $13,750
  • CI Women's Association - $8,000
  • Shire of Christmas Island - $15,000
  • South Point Temple - $10,000