Parks Australia

PRL works closely with Parks Australia on a range of environmental and Island management issues. The PRL mining leases have convoluted boundaries with many small blocks enclaved within National Park. PRL’s staff liaise with Parks staff in respect in day to day issues that arise in the mining program as well as contributing to Island wide conservation programs. 

A key issue for PRL is operating a mining operation during the red crab migration. During this time PRL staff work very closely with Parks Australia to implement road closures and restrictions to limit impacts on the Island’s red crab population. 

The rehabilitation program is a key program where PRL identifies and advises Parks of the location of stockpiles for rehabilitation programs. The Company also undertakes road maintenance on key access roads on the Island which are important for managers and visitors to the Park. 

PRL have historically contributed both funding and in-kind support for a range of environmental programs, including the Island wide feral cat eradication project, yellow crazy ant control, vegetation mapping of the Island, geological/hydrological mapping, artificial nest boxes for Christmas Island hawk owls, and programs to control priority weed species. 

PRL and its environmental consultants, undertake a range of environmental surveys and species investigations to support its Island activities. Data sharing arrangements exist with Parks Australia to ensure the sharing of this important environmental information to contribute to the Island’s conservation efforts.

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